Womb Alchemy Online Course

“This was such a special course which helped me to connect with myself in a way I have never done so before. Bryony is the most humble and modest host who facilitates your journey in a way which enables you to discover your own path and insights whilst growing with the knowledge and beautiful practices she provides. I would highly recommend this course if it is calling to you, there is so much to be learned from our womb wisdom and it is a journey that is only just beginning for me and I am so grateful for Bryony for providing such a profound and long awaited path.”


Returning to body wisdom, we unearth our true and raw essence through the cultivation of practices in Womb consciousness, such as ritual, shamanic journeying, Womb yoga, myth work and alchemical meditation.

The Call

In this modern age, the symptoms of a society disconnected from our bodies and the Earth are becoming more prevalent. The rise in Womb health conditions, such as PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and chronic fatigue are a by-product of a world that is far removed from the cyclical rhythms that are here to guide us through this ever-changing landscape. This course is about returning to ourselves in our fullness, integrated in all aspects: health, wellbeing, creativity, spirituality and community. Here we honour the intelligence of the Earth and our own bodies. Within a supportive hive of sxsters, we unearth our wild feminine power through an in-depth programme into the multi-faceted nature of our Wombs. 

Using these three components, we will create an informative map to guide us deeper into our Wombs: 


Practices in self-care, working with healthy boundaries as we discover cyclical awareness and natural healing modalities. 
This is about creating a balanced lifestyle that works in harmony with your Womb, allowing you to feel more energised, supported and nourished.


Here we tap into the feminine principle, which is all that is witnessed: ritual, dance, creativity, and emotion. 
Developing tools in courageous expression, as we manifest our dreams and desires.


Discovering your personal path, we explore your unique expression of spirituality, and embodiment of the divine.  
Informing a Womb-led spiritual practice, that meets your needs as a sovereign being.

This is the path to empowerment, a deep remembrance of something ancient within us that many of us are being called to awaken.

TUESDAY’S 12th April – 17th May 2022, 19:00 – 22:00 UK on Zoom

Six Week Structure
Tuesday’s 12th April – 17th May 2022, 19:00 – 22:00 UK on Zoom

We will meet on a weekly basis as we undertake an elemental journey through sacred symbols of the feminine:

Week One: 12/04
The Temple: Opening CeremonyThe Womb as an alchemical vessel

Week Two: 19/04
The Cave: Earth: Embodied Wisdom: The intelligence stored within the body

Week Three: 26/04
The Chalice: Fire: Inner Alchemy: Sexuality as a pathway to freedom

Week Four: 03/05
The Well: Water: Emotions & Creativity: Giving voice to our inner landscape

Week Five: 10/05
The Labyrinth: Air: Initiation: The spiral path of feminine empowerment 

Week Six: 17/05
The Moon: Space: Cosmic Rhythms: Our body as the microcosm of the universe

Integration Meeting: 14/06
The Rose: Closing Ceremony: Returning home to ourselves: The Womb as a gateway to the divine

Why symbols?

Symbols offer a creative learning experience, reconnecting us with ancient, pre-verbal language – the language of our dreams and unconscious, the realm of the feminine. They provide appropriate contemplation for Womb-keepers seeking to contact their inner essence, as they tap into deep archetypal imagery within the mind. I love working with symbols, because I feel they hold within them wisdom of our ancestors, and our own personal power – reminding us that the knowledge which we seek, comes from within.


  • 6 × 3hrs Live Workshops
    We meet weekly on Monday evenings, for a 3hr live session delving into Sacred Symbols of the Feminine, journeying through Ritual, Guided Meditation, Sharing Circles and Womb Yoga.
  • Resources & Homework
    Each week you will receive a recording covering the symbol for  your personal exploration, a guided meditation, a PDF with resources, and optional homework, typically in the form of a creative task or ritual.
  • Sisterhood Pods
    You will be placed in a pod of 4 or 5 other women, so that you can share in depth and form close connections. 
  • Integration Meeting
    The final session will occur a few weeks later, to see how the work has been integrating into your life as you  continue your journey into the Womb.
  • Facebook Group Community
    Option to join a Facebook group community, where you can share your experiences and creations throughout the course.
  • One to one Mentoring
    Opportunity to receive one to one mentoring with Bryony, to deepen your personal practice and creativity.

What are the benefits and possible effects of this course?

  • Increased awareness and deepening of the relationship with your Womb.
  • Awakening of the creative and sexual energy, and discovering how you can channel this in your life.
  • The development of your own personal Womb practice to nourish your body and soul.
  • Building of sisterhood and lasting friendships, through authentic and clear communication.
  • Learning to connect to your body wisdom, increasing your intuition and confidence. 
  • Empowerment and radically stepping into your sovereignty.
  • Reclaiming sexuality as sacred, the centre of our power. 
  • Discovering a rich range of self-care practices, and natural healing modalities.

Embodying the wisdom within us, we develop a deeper trust and sense of acceptance towards ourselves, honoring the inner knowing that we have when we let our intuition and womb lead the way.

To note…

Although the effects of this work may be therapeutic, it is important to know it isn’t therapy. If you are moving through something extremely challenging, we strongly recommend that you combine this work with a somatic/ psychotherapist who can offer you one on one support.

The Modules

Week One: The Temple

Opening CeremonyThe Womb as an alchemical vessel

Our culture has become far removed from the intelligence of the body and Earth, as can be seen in a system that encourages heavy hormonal therapy over simple lifestyle changes as a solution to Womb health conditions. We need to honour the bodies that birth and nurture us if we want to have balance in our lives. 
In this module we establish our bodies as our inner temple, through creating healthy boundaries, informed by cyclical awareness and mapping of our Womb space.
We begin our descent into the realm of the Womb, and open the space with a ritual to honour our sacred vessel. 
Reclaiming our Womb as a sacred space, we release myths around shame and perfectionism. Witnessing each other in our fullness, we begin to build our sxsterhood and delve into practices such as altar creation, cyclical awareness and Womb journaling.

Week Two: The Cave

Embodied Wisdom: The intelligence stored within the body

The Cave represents the external manifestation of the Womb, the primordial place of power. 
Discovering the anatomy of our ‘inner cave’,  we will learn wellness practices in massage, herbal medicine and Womb Yoga. In this way we can become more self-reliant in our approach to health, knowing ourselves more deeply as we move through our cycles and the ever-changing landscape.
Self-care is about taking autonomy, and making space to honour our needs. These simple lifestyle changes can enhance health, vitality and mental clarity. 

Week Three: The Chalice

Inner Alchemy: Sexuality as a pathway to freedom

The Chalice is the symbol of the Goddess, so here we reconnect with our sovereign divinity and ability to manifest from our Wombs. 
Dancing with Fire, we encounter the flame of our sexuality, reclaiming it as sacred. 
Through the burning away of impurities from past relationships, traumas and unwanted beliefs, we can become the vessel for powerful change and transformation. Through the practices of temple dance and alchemical meditation, we increase sexual pleasure and creativity.
Within the Chalice is the matrix of feminine darkness, the meeting place of Earth and Sky, the terrestrial and celestial realms.
This week is about pleasure, sensuality and releasing the masks that keep us from our fullest expression. Using ritual, we cut the cords of anything holding us back from experiencing bliss and ecstasy in our lives. 

Week Four: The Well

Emotions & Creativity: Giving voice to our inner landscape

The Sacred Wells are recognized as Womb gateways, portals that led to other worlds and offered life giving waters as the source of magical renewal. 
This week we are reclaiming our Wombs as our creative centre, the place where our dreams and visions are made manifest. The feminine principle in spirituality is all that is witnessed – ritual, dance, creativity, and emotion. This is about honouring our emotional experiences, as a gateway to deep creative potency and insight. Here, we re-weave the story of our own life, in remembering our sovereignty to create, whilst building confidence and courageousness in our artistic expression. Using vocal practices and creative tasks such as writing your own myth, we seek to discover your personal truth.

Week Five: The Labyrinth

Initiation: The spiral path of feminine empowerment

The feminine journey is a spiral path. This downward, inward movement leads you along the non-linear path of dreamtime consciousness, the mythic realm of the Womb.
Using the allegory of the Labyrinth, we undergo a ritual to discover what lies at the very centre the Womb, the core of our feminine essence. This is a journey to authenticity and belonging, as we shed the skins of the past to come home to ourselves in our fullness.
Entering the Labyrinth is like a metamorphosis, those who enter its serpentine path, don’t emerge the same.
Exploring techniques in alchemical embodiment, we enter an altered state recognised as Womb consciousness, learning how we can anchor ourselves in this place, guided by our Womb – the inner compass
As we begin to embody the wisdom within us, we can grow a deeper trust and sense of acceptance towards ourselves, honouring the inner knowing that we have when we let our intuition and our Womb lead the way.

Week Six: The Moon

Cosmic Rhythms: Our body as the microcosm of the universe

As our closest planetary sxster, the Moon’s cycles deeply affect life here on Earth.
The Womb is the interface of these cosmic rhythms, offering us a gateway to expanding our awareness. Awakening the body as a microcosm of the Universe, is the key to understanding how we are co-creators in the dream of life.
Through visualisation and meditation techniques, we seek to discover guidance from the Moon within, as we unearth our inner sensual and stellar selves
Within each womxn exists the living knowledge of creation, encoded within her Womb and DNA. This will be an inner quest to discover the true alchemical potency of our sacred vessel, the meeting place of the celestial and terrestrial realms.
With the Moon as our ally, we connect to the powerful female archetypes associated with the phases of the Luna cycle, seeing how engagement with these archetypes can both enliven and enrich our lives.

Integration Meeting: The Rose

Closing Ceremony: Returning home to ourselves: The Womb as a gateway to the divine

This final gathering will be a ceremony of Womb empowerment and blessing, as we reflect on the steps taken from bud to blossom, and witness each womxn in her reclamation of the feminine essence.

In this integration meeting, we are connecting to our personal divinity in a collective prayer space, reflecting on what we have shed and gathered in the continual process of rebirth, through the Luna cycle. Having begun weaving the practices into our lives, we witness each womxn as she shares her experience, seeing how we can be inspired and uplifted  by another’s unique expression, and support each womxn as she comes into her blossoming. 

Something really powerful happens when womxn come together, we find ourselves interconnected through our shared journeys, empowered by the solidarity of both being held and holding.

Through collective intention, we have the strength of the group to manifest and make magic, transmuting centuries of separation and competition, that have held us back from our authentic selves and being supportive to each other.

Why participate?

The world needs empowered and liberated women. 

The restoration of the wisdom of the feminine, draws closer each time a woman takes her own power. 

By coming together as a collective, we are part of this rebalancing act, as we restore what was once ‘lost’ or ‘hidden’ behind the veil – recognising that it begins with women both honouring themselves and their stories. In undergoing this course in a weekly format, we build lasting friendships and connections that will be supportive as we move deeply with the Womb and our own empowerment. This is an in-depth programme that is designed to meet you where you are at, inviting you to go deep as you wish, or take a more gentle course if desired. Through a holistic approach, you are given a strong foundation to make informed lifestyle changes, on all levels – through wellness, expression, spirituality and community. 

Want to join the course?

Practical Info


Supporter: £333
Standard: £255

Low Income: £222

There are three payment options to support people on a lower wage. If you consider yourself to be a high earner, then paying abundant option helps to subsidise places for people on lower incomes. We really appreciate your support. If you feel strongly called to come but cannot afford the low income option please get in touch to discuss something that can work for you.

To join this event you’ll need to create a free zoom account which you can set up here: https://zoom.us/ 
Instructions on how to join the call will be sent the week before the first session.

Please note that we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know or via Ticket Swap.

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