“Sessions like this are creating a ‘better’ world. ‘Better’ means beautiful, mystical, loving, compassionate, in this case, I’m not sure, verbal language is limited. Thank you everyone for the safe and meaningful journey. Infinite love.”
Annamaria Nemes
Womb Alchemy Participant

Womb Alchemy Online Workshops & Courses

The womb is a place of alchemy. Within her void like chamber, holds the capacity to trans-mutate energy, the current of life force from one form to another.

As the interface of elemental and cosmic rhythms, the womb offers a gateway through which one can travel through and to the other-world. Undergoing a process of transfiguration we journey to the cavern of creation,- with breath and imagination we can transform anything to gold. This is a path to empowerment, a deep remembrance of something ancient within us, which many of us are being called to awaken.

Online Workshop: Serpent Dance of The Womb

15th March 2022 : 7pm – 10pm UK

A dance ritual of Womb empowerment and blessing. A reclamation of our feminine power and wisdom.

This is for womxn who wish to reignite and tend to the flame of their sexualityto awaken their creativity, and to simply feel more alive and at home in their bodies.

This will be a collective prayer space, where we become inspired and uplifted through each other’s unique expression, and witness as each woman comes into her blossoming. 

It is open to all Womb-keepers, and womxn identified who feel a deep recognition with the inner Womb space.

Online Workshop: The Womb Cave

1st March 2022: 7pm – 9.30pm UK


Welcome to The Womb Cave, a monthly sanctuary for Womxn to gather under the Dark Moon.

Here we take time to retreat from the everyday, to journey to the fertile depths of the feminine darkness to nourish ourselves before the turning of the next cycle.

This is a place of creativity, embodiment and ritual where we explore practices that have been received via direct revelation from the Womb space, rooted in shamanism & inner alchemy traditions such as yoga and tantra.


Online Course

Six Week Structure

Tuesday’s 19th April – 17th May 2022, 19:00 – 22:00 GMT on Zoom

Meeting weekly in our online temple space, we will undertake a journey through the elements and sacred feminine symbols:

Week One: 19/04
The Temple: Opening CeremonyThe Womb as an alchemical vessel

Week Two: 26/04
The Cave: Earth: Embodied Wisdom: The intelligence stored within the body

Week Three: 03/05
The Chalice: Fire: Inner Alchemy: Sexuality as a pathway to freedom

Week Four: 10/05
The Well: Water: Emotions & Creativity: Giving voice to our inner landscape

Week Five: 17/05
The Labyrinth: Air: Initiation: The spiral path of feminine empowerment

Week Six: 24/05
The Moon: Space: Cosmic Rhythms: Our body as the microcosm of the universe

(3 weeks later)

Integration Meeting: 14/06
The Rose: Closing Ceremony: Returning home to ourselves: The Womb as a gateway to the divine

Want to find out more?

Gentle, deep, guidance and a wonderful group feeling and connectivity. Highly recommend giving this a try if you want to connect with your inner femininity!”

Emel Gunay – Womb Alchemy Participant

“I absolutely loved Womb Alchemy – it was beautiful and so deep and powerful. Bryony holds a wonderful sacred space with her welcoming and wise energy. Amazing!

Candice Kali Snow – Womb Alchemy Participant

“A really beautiful session. The journey at the end in particular was so incredibly trans-formative and activating! Thank you Bryony.”

Ruby – Womb Alchemy Participant

“Absolutely amazing. Bryony is such an incredible teacher – so humble, gentle, and goes at the perfect pace. Really grateful to be part of this group of wonderful women.”

Maddy Brodwick – Womb Alchemy Participant

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