Stood in the belly of a very ancient yew tree.

Hello, and welcome. I’m so happy your journey across the world wide web has brought you here. I’m Bryony, and I am creating this space as part of my wish to contribute to the dreaming of the Earth, a haven for fellow wanderers of the otherworld. Together I hope we can weave our web of intentions for a healed planet, each of us coming back to our true nature, which is love.

Many of us are waking up to the call of an ancient memory, something hidden deep within our psyche of a time when the land was the goddess, and the goddess ruled the land. Her reemergence is calling us to act, but without guidance, we can feel lost in a spiritual desert, not knowing how to take our first step into these threshold locations, hidden behind the veils.

My work as this time is to invite you to these betwixt and between places, so that we may traverse the unknown paths, entering into the rich darkness to rebirth ourselves, to give life to our visions, and to empower and enrich our lives.

Shamanic Womb Work

There’s something about Bee’s

The sweet essence of inspiration ‘primum ens melissae’ ~ honeyed breath of life.

Melissae, meaning “bee” in Greek, also refers to the priestesses of Ancient Greece who attended the temples in devotion to the Great Mother, who in turned was titled Melissa “the queen bee.”

An initiate of this golden thread that weaves it’s way through her conciousness.

Treading the pathways of ancient womb shamanism, Bryony is skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic.

Her connection to the bees, began at an early age where one of her first memories is of burying a bee at the bottom of her garden, placing a feather as the headstone.

Eventually the signs and symbols that crossed her awareness were too many to be a coincidence, and led her to the trembling veils of the Lyceum.

This gynocentric tradition invites the walkers of its ways to engage in practices that allow them to move with sexual potency, and work with its honeyed wisdoms to lead a more fulfilling life and cultivate deep healing.

A living pathway dedicated to the sensual process of being both the flower, flow-er and the sharer of these nektars. Bryony invites those who are willing to dive deep, to come to the Betwixt and Between, to discover the sweetness that it holds.


Bryony discovered yoga as a young girl, sparked by a curiosity after watching her mother do headstands in the living room.

What began as a largely physical practice, since then has evolved into a pathway through the inner architecture of her being. Yoga has given her the key, to unlock a whole vocabulary of movement, allowing her to dance freely between the different rhythms of life.

As a yoga teacher, Bryony encourages her students to find their own rhythm, whilst they journey together through the body into stillness. Offering detailed yet gentle instruction, she invites practitioners to remain attentive to the breath, exploring the different realms of movement. Looking inside to create deeper freedom of expression.

The Indian Bee Goddess ~ Bhramari Devi

What People Say

“Drum journeying, plant remedies, dream visioning and dragon dreaming…I was able to connect more with my womb, see past things that may have affected that I didn’t realise, it’s really powerful. the dragon dreaming – is really cosmic! I can’t really explain it! Different from other womb work I’ve been to, not just talking about feelings but really taking you on a journey.” ~ Jade Ward, Singer/Songwriter & Artist

Having trained with Bryony in the first stage of the Sacred Trust’s The Lyceum – The Way of the Melissae, I can tell you she is a fearless practitioner with a lot of heart from healing. Bryony has a deep resonance with the wilderness, a rhythm in step with the pulse of nature and an ever expanding knowledge of herbalism, women’s shamanic tradition and dreamwork.” Bea, Performance Artist & Training Psychotherapist

Weaving poetry with divine mystery…Gently holding and intuitively creating space for deep awakening and inner journeying…Bryony is the perfect conduit between this realm and the other worlds.” Rafaele Bates, Artist & Musician

Sessions like this are creating a ‘better’ world. ‘Better’ means beautiful, mystical, loving, compassionate in this case, I’m not sure, verbal language is limited. Thank you everyone for the safe and meaningful journey. Infinite love xXx

Annamaria Nemes – Womb Alchemy Workshop Participant

I absolutely loved Womb Alchemy – it was so deep and powerful. Bryony holds a wonderful sacred space with her welcoming and wise energy. Amazing!

Candice Kali Snow – Womb Alchemy Participant

Very profound inner journeys Bryony guided us on. Love the Workshops!

Katrin Mountain – Womb Alchemy Participant

Lets’s dream together

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