Bryonia Melissae

Revival of Ancient Feminine Wisdom

Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts.

Womb Alchemist

Bryony’s womb alchemy gatherings never cease to amaze, inspire and create magic on a deep level. She holds the space with reverence and guides ever so gently.

Bryony is a facilitator of Womb empowerment, alchemical embodiment, movement and meditation practices.

The fusion of Bryony’s training in yoga and shamanic practice allows her to navigate the architecture of holding sacred space – through ceremony, classes, workshops, retreats and one on one sessions. She offers alternative and nourishing methods for students and clients alike to discover their own medicine through movement, magic, myth and mystery school teachings. 

Weaving Ancient & Wild Womb Work

As the interface of elemental and cosmic rhythms, the Womb offers a gateway through which one can travel through and to the other-world. Undergoing a process of transfiguration we journey to the cavern of creation – with breath and imagination we can transform anything to gold.

This is a path to empowerment, a deep remembrance of something ancient within us, which many of us are being called to awaken. 

What People Say

“This was such a special course which helped me to connect with myself in a way I have never done so before. Bryony is the most humble and modest host who facilitates your journey in a way which enables you to discover your own path and insights whilst growing with the knowledge and beautiful practices she provides. I would highly recommend this course if it is calling to you, there is so much to be learned from our womb wisdom and it is a journey that is only just beginning for me and I am so grateful for Bryony for providing such a profound and long awaited path.”

Jess, Womb Alchemy Online Course

“A magical and healing space. Each week left me with a new epiphany, recognising a connection to myself and the wider forces of nature. Love the incredible library of meditations and music we were gifted with. I will be sad for the course to finish, and hope to join many more sessions. Cannot recommend enough!”

Emma, Womb Alchemy Online Course

Online Workshops

The Womb Cave:
Tuesday 1st March 7pm – 9.30pm

FREE Masterclass: The Power of Symbols in Awakening the Feminine:
Thursday 13th January 7pm – 9.30pm UK

Serpent Dance of the Womb:
Tuesday 15th March 7pm – 10pm UK

Next Online Course:
Tuesday’s 19th April – 24th May 2022

Online via Zoom
Hosted by Psychedelic Society

In Person Retreats

Earth Alchemy: Women’s Retreat: Cae Mabon Wales 8th – 11th April

More details on the upcoming retreat at Cae Mabon Wales.