Bryonia Melissae

Entering the Betwixt & Between

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic won’t find it” ~ Roald Dahl

There’s something about bees

Melissae, meaning “bee” in Greek, also refers to the priestesses of Ancient Greece who attended the temples in devotion to the great mother, who was in turn also entitled Melissa “the queen bee.”

The sweet essence of inspiration: ‘primum ens melissae’ ~ honeyed breath of life.

An initiate of this golden thread that weaves its way through her consciousness. Treading the pathways of ancient womb shamanism, Bryony is skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic.

Cavern of Creation

Womb Yoga

The womb is an interface between individual and cosmic patterns, like the phases of the moon. Womb yoga intends to heighten awareness and respect for this experience, supporting the rhythmic dances of the wombs cycles.

Womb Shamanism

The womb is a place within our embodied understanding, that connects a women’s body to powerful cosmic rhythms and forces of elemental power. The practice of womb shamanism, goes back millennia. This ancient knowledge understands that a women’s body, is the source of her magnificence and power.

Womb Creatrix

The womb is a portal of creation. It is a place of fertile darkness, the great void, from which things are born. An abundant source of creativity. We are held within the great cosmic womb, and this is then held within the microcosm of a women’s body, within the individual womb.


What People Say

“Weaving poetry with divine mystery. Gently holding & intuitively creating the space for deep awakening and inner journeying. Bryony is the perfect conduit between this realm & other worlds.”

Rafaele Willow Bates, Artist & Musician

“Drum journeying, plant remedies, dream visioning and dragon dreaming…I was able to connect more with my womb, see past things that may have affected that I didn’t realise. It’s really powerful. The dragon dreaming – is really cosmic! I can’t really explain it. Different from other womb work I’ve been to, not just talking about feelings but taking you on a journey.”

Jade Ward, Artist & Musician


Word Weaver

  • Dreaming to the fairy house…
    This is a fairy house I built whilst I was living in San Marcos in Guatamala.I found the structure in my friends backyard, then placed it under a grove of trees, taking offerings of flowers to it each and every day. Creating a little shrine for in time for Beltane, the Celtic Spring fertility festival.Continue reading “Dreaming to the fairy house…”
  • Hearing the call…
    Every so often on life, we begin to feel this stirring in our soul. Like a drum beat in our heads, we hear it getting louder and louder, till eventually we have to just stop, and listen. Really listen. That guteral feeling that something is speaking to us from beyond the veil. I had thisContinue reading “Hearing the call…”

Online Workshops

Womb Alchemy
Hosted by Psychedelic Society
Tuesday 17th November 7.30pm – 9.45pm UK
Monday 30th November 7.30pm – 9.45pm UK
Monday 14th December 7.30pm – 9.45pm UK
Wednesday 30th December 7.30pm – 9.45pm UK

Next Online Course: Wednesday’s 13th January – 17th February 2021

Online via Zoom

The womb is a place of alchemy. Within her void like chamber, holds the capacity to trans-mutate energy, the current of life force from one form to another.

As the interface of elemental and cosmic rhythms, the womb offers a gateway through which one can travel through and to the other-world. Undergoing a process of transfiguration we journey to the cavern of creation – with breath and imagination we can transform anything to gold. This is a path to empowerment, a deep remembrance of something ancient within us, which many of us are being called to awaken.